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Box 10'' 250mm T2-TapePro


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The Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes provide a second tier alternative to the popular Blue 2 range and feature a different method of construction, blade holder sealing and setting adjustment. The T2 box plates are assembled with fasteners and tie rods and the brass blade holder features an integral rubber seal. The blade pressure/coat thickness is controlled by a cam and flat spring, with two actuating pins.

The profile and size of the boxes is the same as the Blue 2 and they share many components. The T2 Boxes apply compound to flat joints producing the perfect crown and feather. This T2 Box 10 inch has high capacity of 1.61 litres and can be filled by hand or with the loading pump. Manufactured from quality materials like anodised aluminium and stainless steel and are available in 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. Can be used with the reducer plates.

  • Rugged design built to last with tough anodised marine grade aluminium box body
  • High capacity, precision built flat finishing boxes
  • Fill by hand or with the loading Pumpflat box filler or speed filler pump
  • Lid opens wide for fast filling by hand and quick, easy cleaning
  • Easy to use coat setting dial
  • Simple cam wheel for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown
  • Fixed axle with wheels positioned inside the blade width
  • Wheels run inside blade width – this means the last thing on the wall is the blade, and very handy for butt joints.
  • Available in 6”/150mm, 8”/200mm, 10”/250mm and 12”/300mm sizes
  • High capacity: 150mm = 0.925 litres, 200mm = 1.34 litres, 250mm = 1.610 litres and 300mm = 2.01 litres
  • Compatible with all major box handles-but they look great with the TapePro SuperLite series
  • Can be used with the Flat Box Bead Guides (FBBG) and the Reducer Plates (RP-250)
  • Repair part kits available to replace common wear parts


3 year manufacturer’s warranty



Box Blade 10" 250mm TapePro

TapePro T2 Flat Box - On the job!

Watch the Columbia FatBoy Box in action. Columbia Fat Boy Box 8 inch / 200mm holds more mud than standard boxes, is stronger and easier to push. Columbia offers the widest range of high quality, high capacity finishing boxes in the world. From 8" Fat Boy to 12", they are all well-built and fine-tuned to offer great flat joints for years.

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