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Starter Kit Mirka


Delivery and pick up options available at checkout.

Delivery and pick up options available at checkout.

  • Sanding

A complete Mirka Dust Extraction combo which includes a LEROS Long Electrical Random Orbital Sander and Mirka's flagship dust extraction unit, the 1230M AFC. 

LEROS is the lightest and most innovative wall and ceiling sander on the market. It is the first and only random orbital wall and ceiling sander available worldwide. This unique brushless sander features industry-first innovations, including a sanding head with 180-degree flexibility, 5 mm random orbital movement, and 3.5kg weight, making it extremely light and easy to use.  

The 1230M AFC is the flagship unit of Mirka s extraction product line. This highly efficient vacuum combines high performance power and whisper-quiet operation to deliver a dust extraction solution second to none.

Combining the Mirka LEROS and the 1230M AFC brings you the ultimate wall and ceiling sanding experience.

This bundle includes:

Vacuum 1230 M AFC Mirka
Sander Long Orbital Electric 950CV Leros Mirka
Hose 24mm x 4m + Connector Mirka
Pro Screen Sanding Mesh 180 Grit x 25
Sander Pad Saver Leros 225mm
Extension Shaft Leros

LEROS Sander Features

  • Motor positioned near the pad - no wire between motor and pad resulting in less maintenance
  • 5mm Orbit Movement - superior finish and much easier to operate compared to rotary sanders (all other wall sanders are rotary sanders) 
  • Full force system - random orbital movement in combination with unique pad design enables Mirka to leave out brushes. 100% of the pressure actually goes to sanding
  • Only 3.5kg - easier and more ergonomic sanding reduces fatigue and increases your productivity
  • Variable speed control 4,000 - 8,000 RPM - enables optimal control when working. Soft start motor protects the surface and tool.
  • Integrated hose support - no breakage of the hose when sander is leaning towards the wall
  • Ergonomic Handle - enables various positions of the hand for better ergonomics. T-Shape handle gives extensive reach. Extension shaft available for higher reach. 
  • Brushless motor technology - allows compact design and no need to change carbon brushes, less downtime and extends tool life.
  • Constant speed under load - no loss in power under heavy pressure
  • Dust-free sanding - Combine with Mirka Abranet net abrasives and dust extractors for dust-free sanding. 
  • Patented motor controller - enables a light and strong sander
  • Dual suction points - superior suction in from the head removes weight from the users hands, reducing fatigue. 
  • 180 degree flexibility in the sanding head
  • Fixation point of the pad is close to the surface for more stable and smooth sanding
  • 350 W brushless motor comparable to 500 W traditional motor
  • Continuous temperature monitoring in motor and controller card


1230L AFC Dust Extractor Features 

  • Push and Clean filter cleaning on 1230L PC - Easy to clean the filter for longer life time and better performance
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning on 1230 L AFC model - Auto cleans every 15 seconds, improving performance of dust extractors and filters
  • L-Class - Proven performance for user protection OEL values > 1mg/m3
  • Larger wheels - Easy manoeuverability on uneven floor surfaces
  • Easy accessible flat filter - Seperate opening in the back to reach, no need to remove the upper section 
  • HEPA filter available - For triple filtration 
  • Cable storage - Durable strap keeps the cable in place during transportation. Simple and effective.
  • Hose storage - basic - Keeps the hose in place. Hooks on side only. 
  • High performance motor and turbine - 1200W motor and 1-stage turbine creates 250 mbar pressure and 4500 l/min airflow
  • Flat top - Storage space on top. Fastening loops to secure items with rubber straps. Rubber straps available as accessories.
  • Auto Start Function - Runs only when power tool is running (pneumatic tools require additional accessory). 


2+1 Manufacturer's Warranty

Mirka LEROS Range Guide - Technical Data


Mirka® LEROS 950CV

Power Input

350 W


4,000 - 8,000 RPM



Size of Pad




Noise Level

84 dB

Vibration Level

2.5 (m/s2)

Dust System

Central Vacuum Ready

Pad included


Main Frequency

50/60 Hz




Mirka Dust Extractor 1230L PC Technical Data

Power Input 1200 W
Voltage Main Supply  220 - 240VAC
Weight (kg) 14.5
Noise Level, LpA 60dB
Main frequency 50/60Hz
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 385 x 565 x 567
Volume flow air (l/min) 4500
Vacuum (mbar) 250
Tank Volume 30

Mirka vs Festool. Both excellent sanders but Mirka gets ahead by:

* No brushes on the edge ~ so it gets into corners nicely
* Dustless ~ no need for a mask
* Lighter
* Less noise
* Zero scratches

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