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4T Multi Purpose Tinted Refill Box 13.8L


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Lightweight and excellent for use with automatic tools saving you money on the compound and making your job easier. Designed for the plasterboard finishing professional, 4T Multipurpose tinted compound can be used for everything from embedding tape to finishing external corners and fasteners to topping and texturing. Works perfectly on any brands of plasterboard.

Pro Plaster Products is the exclusive Australian manufacturer of 4T compounds. Made in Australia, this product is backed by the manufacturer's warranty means you can trust that you will have quality results and dedicated customer support.

Colour Tinted
Working time
Minimum 24 hours drying time
Packaging Refill Carton

Other colour option: WHITE (4TBX-W)

Also available in 15L bucket.


  • Professional compound designed for multipurpose usage. Used for everything from embedding tape, to finishing corner bead and fasteners, to topping and texturing
  • Virtually pock free, deliver smooth as glass finish result
  • Pre-mixed air-drying system
  • Suitable for use as a second and finishing coat
  • Excellent application slip and workability by hand or mechanical tools
  • Low shrinkage and easy cleanup up
  • Excellent for use with automatic tools
  • Lightweight, makes sanding easier than other compounds
  • Guaranteed on any brands of plasterboard
  • 8L in capacity, or also available in 15L bucket
  • 2 colour options, white or tinted


When all purpose / multipurpose compounds are used for taping it is important to note that the 2nd coat must also be all purpose. Base bonds cannot be applied over all purpose compounds. 

Perry. the founder of Pro Plaster Products demonstrates the benefits in using a refill carton.

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