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Applicator Cornice 75mm TapePro


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  • Cornicing

The TapePro Cornice Head is a new, high performance, computer engineered tool designed to revolutionize the process of cornice installation.

Makes less mess: Provides more control over adhesive wastage.

  • Makes installing cornice FASTER: Install cornice in half the time of traditional methods.
  • Reduces Fatigue: Takes the physical wear and tear out of cornice installation by reducing lifted cornice weight and improving on the clumsy hand buttering process.
  • Produces higher quality results: Applies a consistent measured bead of adhesive to the wall and ceiling.


Applies compound to internal corners ready for you to position tape or can be used to apply mud over the tape ready to be glazed


3 year manufacturer's warranty

Everything you need to know about the TapePro Applicator Cornice.

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