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Box 08''+10''+12''+ Handle +Tomahawk Columbia


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Backed by 5 years manufacturer’s warranty, Columbia offers the widest range of high quality, high capacity finishing boxes in the world. Columbia Boxes all well-built and fine-tuned to offer great flat joints for years. The Columbia Fat Boy boxes offer smoothest finishing and easiest to push, and now they're also the highest capacity on the market.

This bundle includes:

BOX08H-CLB Box 8"
BOX10H-CLB Box 10"
BOX12H-CLB Box 12"
HANDMH-CLB Handle Matrix Box 101-147cm Columbia
HANDCRNSA-CLB Handle Universal 90-150cm Columbia
NEW KN-TSB18 Tomahawk Smoothing Blade 18" Columbia
NEW HADPT-CLTHA Tomahawk Handle Adaptor Columbia


5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

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