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Mudpan Bundle

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Great stainless steel Mudpan Bundle with lifetime warranty. A precision hollow-grind provides proper flex point midway up the stainless steel blade (versus near the handle). The blade feels nicely “broken-in" from the first moment you use it. This means better feel for faster application rates, optimum blade control and smoother finishes. Polished for easy cleanup. Durable metal alloy hammer head for setting drywall nails.

Items included in this stainless steel Mud Pan bundle:

Mud Pan Stainless Steel 16" 406mm

Corner Tool Stainless 100mm 

Taping Knife Stainless Soft Grip 3" 75mm

Taping Knife Stainless Soft Grip 4" 100mm

Taping Knife Stainless Soft Grip 6" 150mm

Taping Knife Stainless Steel 8" 200mm

Taping Knife Stainless Steel 10" 250mm

Taping Knife Stainless Steel 12" 300mm

Taping Knife Stainless Steel 14" 350mm



  • Lightweight and durable
  • Metal hammer handle ends
  • Unique, hollow grind at mid blade ensures optimal mid-blade flex.
  • Blade feels nicely “broken-in" from the first use
  • Precision ground blades provide the proper flex point and feel for smooth finish
  • Ergonomically-designed soft grip handle for comfortable, all-day use on the jobsite.
  • Robotically-welded handle mirror polished until seamless.
  • Oversized integrated hang hole.
  • Available in sizes: 3" / 4” / 5" / 6" / 8"


Lifetime by Level 5 Tools