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Sander Electric Giraffe Intex


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  • Sanding

Safer, cleaner, faster, smarter and more durable than ever-the Intex Giraffe Sander is designed to impresses Painters, Plasterers and Renovators with its ultimate performance and proven quality. It provides efficient and flawless sanding results for plasterboard walls and ceilings whilst extracting dust as it is generated. Sander is also compatible for use in other industries with related surface applications, including cement sheet, concrete or timber. Its high-performance variable-speed motor is practically vibration-free and generates orbital disc speeds of 650 to 1600 RPM. The lightweight, perfectly balanced design significantly reduces the effects of fatigue and repetitive strain injury (RSI). particularly during ceiling operations.

Sander features a unique multi-directional sanding head, eliminating surface gouging and ensuring maximum sanding efficiency. The long reach design limits the need for stilts and scaffolding. Proven to greatly increase productivity, provide a solution for consistent optimal results and enhance user safety. 



  • Intex Giraffe® Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose - 4.3m
  • AG066B Intex Giraffe® Cushioned Interface Pad
  • Intex Giraffe® Adjustment Tool
  • Intex Giraffe® Instruction Manual



  • Multi-directional fully flexible sanding Head that laminates surface gouging and provides maximum sanding efficiency
  • The suction hose connection features a lock mechanism ensuring the hose is held secure when fastened. No twisting or accidental loosening during operation will detach the hose.
  • The rotation lock is designed with a tool-less quick release feature, making connection and detachment quick and easy.
  • Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle. The handle has been carefully moulded to fit the operators hand and support the hand movements; designed to reduce physical stress, discomfort & fatigue.
  • Automatic Electronic Switch. With tuned electronics, the Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor starts automatically when the Intex Giraffe® is switched on.
  • The soft start-up electronics function eliminates the potential gouging when in operation.
  • Full Wave Electronics therefore allows the operator to adjust the speed of the orbital disc during sanding, while maintaining a constant speed under pressure. This reduces overload and keeps power regulated for more efficient use. The adjustable speed enables flawless results in speed sensitive sanding applications
  • The optional D shaped handle attachment, slim tube with recessed grip, is exclusive to the Intex Giraffe® Sander; designed to provide operator with ultimate comfort and added protection against fatigue in the upper arms and shoulder regions, especially during ceiling operation.
  • Ergonomic Guide Tube Handle. The cushioned tube grip provides a secure, comfortable grip for the user in guiding the unit during operation. It also provides a central grip for storage handling.